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Drabble - Mary Healy on Children’s Friendships

In Should we take the friendships of children seriously?, Healy presents the three forms of Aristotelian friendship. Firstly: ‘friendships of utility’, which perform a function, such as ‘someone to play with’. Secondly: ‘friendships of pleasure’, deeply felt and yet often transitory: whilst you enjoy their presence, you don’t regret their absence. Finally there are ‘character friendships’: committed friendships where the flourishing of one friend is interconnected with the flourishing of the other. Healy argues that adults downplay the significance of childhood friendships, assuming them to be of the first or second kind, when they are frequently of the third kind.

Healy, M. Should we take the friendships of children seriously? Journal of Moral Education Vol. 40, No. 4, December 2011, pp. 441–456

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